Red Ribbon Week – October 20-24

Red Ribbon Week is a time to enforce to our children that they have the power to make positive decisions. We celebrate this by giving kids the freedom to choose how to dress according to a daily theme. We hope you and your children will participate and join the fun!

When What How
Monday, October 20th Crazy Socks / Crazy Colors
  • Wear as many colors as you can
  • Wear mismatched, different length, colors socks
Tuesday, October 21st Crazy Hair Day
  • Braid it, spray it, spike it, mousse it, gel it, bend it, get creative hair day
Wednesday, October 22nd Dress alike or animal/creature day
  • Dress the same as your friend(s)
  • “What does the fox say?” – dress as your favorite animal/creature
Thursday, October 23rd Pajama day
  • Plaid or rad? Pink or purple? Comfy robe or sporty?
  • Wear your favorite PJs
Friday, October 24th Wear all red / Hat day
  • Wear all red
  • Fedora, cap, beanie, bowler, sombrero or beret – wear your favorite hat or ALL of them together *

* No masks or face paint please!!

New Franklin Website Theme

Welcome! We’ve been busy working on a new look for the Franklin website. Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out new features and reorganizing the existing content to make it easier to find. The goal is to make the Franklin website your first thought when you want information about the school. Your feedback is welcome. Please email Jeff LaPlante.

BFEF Awarded One Million Dollar Grant

The Benjamin Franklin Elementary Foundation has been awarded a $1 Million grant from the competitive Prop 84 Urban Greening Grant Program for Sustainable Communities. The plan for Franklin will significantly improve our campus and community by transforming it from a sea of asphalt into a vibrant, sustainable, shaded environment that not only students, but the neighborhood can enjoy and benefit from. Construction for our new sustainable campus will be concurrent with the construction of our new building.planforweb